The Benefits Of Using Old Paper

Using old paper products in your design is a great way to generate some atmosphere and cut through the technical feel you might be stuck in. It can bring life to a project or even seriousness. Paper is something most of us use every day and what kind of paper you choose to write or print on says a lot about yourself. There are many people whose job it is to recreate the look of old paper down to every last detail. The price of the old paper depends on the detail likeness of it to the original paper the artist copied from.

Some people will buy very expensive old paper to write important letters to family, friends, and respected acquaintances, some high quality paper can even cost up to one hundred and fifty dollars a sheet! But don’t sweat it too much, only handcrafted antique paper made by a professional antique paper artist is going run those kinds of numbers. Usually old looking paper that you can buy online or at a store is going to run about two to fifteen cents a page and is printed rather than created by hand. Some of the printed paper still looks very convincing and it still gets the point across, that what is being written is important.

There are hundreds of different styles of old paper to choose from, from a Gothic look which usually has corner bordering, to plain old looking paper that has an aged brown look with maybe some frayed corner or crinkles in it or a faded background picture that looks as if it has been washed away by time. Some companies will even make a customized antique satin photo paper for you with whatever picture or phrase you would like on it, maybe even a quote.

If you’re the artistic type and like arts and crafts it is very simple to make your own old paper using simple ingredients such as red wine or tea to stain the paper then as it dry’s you can wrinkle and tear it. Of course it will not come out as well as some of the antique black paper artists but it does work well enough to use for writing. You could even singe the corners with a flame. Remember though the kind of paper you use says a lot about who you are and old paper never fails to get the point across.

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A3 Photo Paper Knowledge

A3 photo paper is often used by wedding photographers to add an intimate look to their pictures. A3 photo paper has a luster look to it and it is important to read the label to make sure it is compatible with your printer and your camera. The a3 photo paper has different dpi ratios on it so you will need to check your photo printer specifications to make sure you are getting old paper that is compatible with your printer and will make your pictures stand out.

Head to a paper depot of you are a scrap-booker and you are looking for different paper options to make your pictures and pages stand out. While you may not think there is a difference, Fuji photo paper will make your pictures stand out and look truly unique whereas the plain 8×10 satin photo paper that is produced by just about anyone may not be able to provide you with the same look and feeling you are trying to send to your audience. Consider the different options you want your photos to have. Do you like the glossy look or do you prefer the matte or luster print? If a lot of people are going to handle the pictures you will need to look into the luster or matte prints so the pictures do not get covered in fingerprints.

No matter what type of A3 photo paper you purchase, you need to make sure you are buying paper that is compatible with your printer. You also need to make sure you have plenty of ink before you start printing. Some projects will require a lot of ink so it’s a good idea to stock up on some extra ink if you are worried. The refill companies are great for one or two refills on your cartridges, but you don’t want to do this too often as the cartridge itself can get damaged after being removed and installed inside the printer too much.

Don’t just settle for plain old paper when you are printing out your precious memories, make sure you are looking for the paper that will make your pictures stand out. The A3 photo paper needs to clearly capture all of the colors found in your pictures and display them to your audience. Every printer is different and the paper you find for it may take several days to dry. Make sure you research all of your options when you start scrapbooking or documenting your precious memories so you can proudly display them to others.

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